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WARNING: NOT a stand-alone product. Requires TOGETHER VR for SideQuest base game to play.

Brand new dress up system, now you can dress Mei up the way you like.


▪ 2 sets of brand new clothing.
▪ Glasses and Jewelry.
▪ Stylish stocking sets.

Please install / Update TOGETHER VR for SideQuest first. ( Install video included.)


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

togethervrm-dlc.zip 20 MB
Version 1


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Not sure if the developer is listening but I just installed the latest version and the DLC.    I can see the clothes which you get to choose just before the start of the darts match.

But now the previously working, left right joystick on the Quest 2 no longer rotates my view.  Any chance of a fix ??

Also, the hair is not changeable or touchable if you use the new outfits.

I like the breasts physics on touch, could you add that feature to the ass area also ??    being able to touch the skirt in the main outfit would also be cool.


Plz male models dlcs


What does Dress up system mean? There's no other menus .. 

Please explain.

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How does a person know what version they have? Where to see version number? I downloaded and installed the top DLC patch per instructions..  Confused.. It shows this dlc.zip being July date. But I saw there Was a August update. Where to get it?

Updated Aug 03, 2020

Developer Not very organized..

Don't see any Dress up menu options.

So bottom line, what is the latest available version? Where to get nude patch?

Will this be available for the non VR version? 

Hello, is it planned during a next update to have French in the choice of languages in the settings?

Bonjour, est-il prévu lors d'une prochaine mise à jour d'avoir le français dans le choix des langages dans les réglages?

Pleaaaaaassssseeeeeee ;o)

We will seriously consider it.

Updated as per the video, but no change.

Please install / Update TOGETHER VR for SideQuest first.